Anonim - Black Ambergis

Black Ambergris


Perfume Extract 30ml

Notes: Dark chocolate, incense, black ambergris, resins and balsams.

Those who have experienced Black Ambergris attest that the perfumer has flawlessly evoked a “lounge ambience” in this work: warm, lingering night, enveloping incense smoke, tranquil serenity, elegant cocktails, chocolate delicacies, flowing conversation.

Anonim - Silver Ambergis

Silver Ambergris


Perfume Extract 30ml

Notes: tropical flowers and spicy citruses, silver ambergris, woods and moss.

This perfume captures the atmosphere of a deserted island gleaming in the sparkling mist of warm ocean waters heated by the mid-day sun. Revealed upon approach is an enchanted landscape: a whole isle covered with dense, emerald green, fantastically-shaped, entangled trees, their crowns sprinkled with flowers that fill the air with an intoxicating, mystic blossom bouquet.

Anonim - Golden Ambergis

Golden Ambergris


Perfume Extract 30ml

Notes: leather, orris, sandalwood, spices and white/gold ambergris.

Here we have a very provocative aroma with a distinctive accent of powerful animal magnetism; a concoction of scents that is reminiscent of exclusive leather goods. Golden Ambergris flatters strong, confident and enigmatic personalities enjoying luxurious surroundings (the very clientele for which it was created).

Anonim - Gift Set

Gift Set

  Black, Silver and Golden Ambergris


3 Perfumes - 30ml each

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